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Deciding to buy a home is a major life decision.  I understand the importance of a home meeting your family’s needs.  Therefore, one of my priorities is to listen to your needs, make sure you are well informed and have the resources you need to assist you in your decision as well as guide you complicated process to finding your next home.

This page is maintained to help you have access to some of the necessary information you may need through the process.  Please feel free to bookmark this page for future reference when looking for information.  The information includes local vendors in the Greater Fredericksburg Area that will be needed during the home buying process.  If you can’t find what you are looking feel free to contact me.

When it’s time for the service of a real estate agent, you’ll be asked to sign an agreement before you can be represented.  Agents in Virginia are required by law to have a written agreement with their buyers before they can provide any professional service.